Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In Which Shay What rants in a nerd type fashion (the Movie Edition)

So upon waking this morning I did the usual bit of checking what happened in the world while I was sleeping. This usually involves checking the Email and then Facebook before anything else. The first thing I noticed was a few people had mentioned another remake on the Hollywood chalkboard.

Well, crap.

Another remake.

Hot damn.

A story we already know and have seen (given the history of Hollywood) within AT LEAST the past 30 years.

Be still my heart.

So, now I ask why. And I'm sure, given the topic, the rant of books made into movies will come up. Or I'll save it for later. We'll see.

It seems to have become "The Thing" in Hollywood recently to remake movies. Great, Classic Movies. Movies that weren't so great when they first appeared, but you grew to love them. And Movies that JUST SHOULDN'T have existed the first time around.

True Grit, Clash of the Titans, Fright Night, The Haunting, House on Haunted Hill and a myriad of other movies that I can't currently recall while I type. *insert a break to check and see if the interwebs had a list of movie remakes*

Turns out they did.

Wikipedia's list A-M

Wikipedia's list N-Z

Now, keep in mind, those lists do not account for ONLY Hollywood and are not limited to the last few years. Remakes have been an ongoing thing. But lately...lately it just seems to be all over place. Oh! Conan the Barbarian. That's the other one I was kind of irritated by. I'd also heard a rumour that they're considering remaking Short Circuit.


My biggest question is why? There are hundreds of people who have, quite possibly, great ideas. There are amazing storytellers out there. Why do they feel the need to constantly remake the same story instead of branching out and trying something new. I'm pretty sure the public would LOVE to see a new story.

I know I would.

And then there's turning old TV shows into Movies. NONE of them have been overly worth the money spent on a story we already know. Dukes of Hazard? Miami Vice? Get Smart? Granted, I LIKED Get Smart. I squeed like a little girl with some of the refrences. But, overall, it wasn't gripping as a story. I knew the story. I knew the formulic way it would run. Give me something new Hollywood!

And books. OMG Books. But...I think I'm gonna save that for tomorrow. Tomorrow being the next time I think to update.


George Lucas. What happened to you man? You haven't had a single original idea since 1982. Quit poking and prodding the "THING" you're known for and go make something new.

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  1. um.. They're remaking Dirty Dancing.... I heard this today. It is sad making.